How long does the membership go for?

This is a 12 month program. You may renew your memership at the end of 12 month & you may cancel at anytime. 


What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar which you can access over the internet or phone. When logging on from the internet you will be able to see the presenters screen and view the slide show. Webinars are also interactive so you may ask questions and post comments for the presenter to see.


Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes you can. At anytime you would like to move up to the next level of membership please contact Secrets of Relationships and we can do this for you. Your monthly debit will be recalulated based on the additional fees and the remaining time of your  membership.


How does the one on one coaching work?

When you become a Gold or Platinum member you will recieve 6 coaching sessions with a life coach. These sessions can be done over the phone, with skype or in person. You must complete all 6 success within the 12 months of your membership. There will be no refund for unused sessions. When you sign up to your program Secrets of Relationships will contact you with available appointment times.


When do we attend the relationship workshop?

These workshops are run a number of times during the year. Currently all workshops are run in Sydney. You must attend the workshop during your 12 month membership. There are no refunds if you can not attend. The cost of the workshop for you and your partner is included in your membership fees. You may bring additional people, this will be at an additional cost.




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